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The City of Angels - Part 3

Sadly, our journey had to take us back home. It was fun living on the coast for a short amount of time, but all vacations must come to an end sometime.

Alex and mandi walk to the beach

The Beach

We decided to spend our last morning on the beach. It was overcast and a little chilly. The children didn't seem to mind the cooler weather. They still played in the surf and managed to soak their clothes. Someday they'll get the hang of the tide, especially if we keep coming back here. We snapped a few pictures and enjoyed watching the kids play and the surfers practice. It was nice to be able to relax and not rush off to get home.

Bruce and Mandi at the beach

Alex and I

The Journey

We took the long way around LA to leave. We headed up into the Hollywood where we grabbed a cup of coffee and stopped in to Hollywood Hatters to shop for a new flatcap for me. I found a nice ivy style made in Italy that fit just right. Alex had to look, as usual, but came up empty-handed. It was a pleasant shop with a very helpful clerk / owner behind the counter. I'd recommend checking it out if you're in the area.

We proceeded to drive around just a little bit. We passed Grauman's Chinese Theater, Jim Hensen Studios, and Warner Brothers Studios on our way across the North of LA. While the kids didn't quite understand the significance of the sights, we sure enjoyed being so close to the heart of Western mass-entertainment. It was a pretty easy drive, actually. I probably should have come into LA from that direction.

Last Stop

We had to break for lunch before we left the LA Metro Area. As luck would have us, we managed to find a 1950's lunch counter in Pasadena. We stopped at The Hat for a fantastic pastrami sandwich and tons of homemade fries. It was just the fuel we needed for the long and boring drive back to Las Vegas.

Lunch at The Hat

A few traffic jams and potty breaks later and we were back home. We were just in time for dinner and bedtime, as work and school loomed on the morning horizon. It was a great and much needed vacation. Retelling this story is reminding me that I need another vacation sometime very soon.